The Pyret Crew

Pyret is built by the PLT group at Brown University in Providence, RI, USA. The group blog is a good resource for understanding its (recent) research. Pyret’s design and development draw on the group’s experience in programming languages, education, web security, user interfaces, and more.

Daniel Patterson and Joe Gibbs Politz are responsible for Pyret in its current form; they designed and built its feel and core features.

Ben Lerner has made a number of significant contributions, particularly to the language’s libraries.

Justin Pombrio, Liam Elberty, Kathi Fisler, and Jonah Kagan have voluntarily used Pyret and given tons of valuable feedback while tolerating bugs and inconsistencies.

The students of Brown’s CSCI 0190, CSCI 1729, and CSCI 1730 have had Pyret thrust upon them, and have borne it with grace.

Shriram Krishnamurthi provides the budget for t-shirts and stickers.